Just wanted to tie up some of my animation in to a new showreel to see where i am at!

Here is my videos for my bear cycle :) from rough to clean. There still is some work to be done but I wanted to be able to challenge myself and push my self through understanding more of animal movements.

So here we go! start of with some keys and moving into clean up version! Still have loads of work and need some fixing on some parts because its not consistant! but hey never be afraid to show mistakes.




Whoa! its 2015 ha. When those fireworks went off at midnight i felt such a comfort and relieve from pressure, why ?. Well i know people saying the cliche of new year, new me but i felt that 2014 was the hardest year i ever been through. For me i really felt the sharp reality of life. I'm not gonna blab on what happen but man i made it through alot and felt that i have been a much stronger student to art and animation itself, i didn't give up and didn't stop!. I clinged on to the very last strand of motivation that was left in me to push forward and make it too where i am, I do feel my drawings are better, my knowledge more precise and my eye is sharper. Bring on 2015! im ready for the next round of hardship and learning in order to reach my goals and my dedication stays strong for my Dream.... Dream of becoming an animator!

Here is my new project, after 2 weeks of endless work on my part-time job as a waiter, i finnaly have a chance to finish more bear drawings, I was challenged by my senior, mentor and good friend Dave http://oneminutestudios.blogspot.ie/ ( check out his amazing stuff) to do an animal walk cycle, but the trick was not to only do the walk cycle but to break down every piece of information and research you can find before going into the animation. Preparation over preparation ! Taking those steps. Well here are those references i did, hope to have those key drawings up and going before i animated (Clean up keys).  

Ps lorena

Dont mind the colour haha, i dont know why youtube isn't registering the colour but hey i decided to bounce sam head as a payback for making suffer all those days figuring out the rig.... :D but yeah just a bit of fun with keys and breakdowns

Hey! its been a while sorry! :) i have been working on this rig abit altought its quite difficult and a challenge without using deformers. Here's the main action of the woodchop and included the background design with the rough animation!